In today’s fast paced interactive world, Classes on Demand offers the information you want when you want it. Classes on Demand brings you class lectures, seminars, presentations. You can now watch these events on demand and review them on your own schedule.

Lecture Capture

The Classes on Demand technology is changing the standard presentation of course material to aid the student and help them master course material through another medium. This new way of presenting material will revolutionize the classroom experience allowing students to focus on the material and class participation instead of trying to catch up and write down notes.

Students can now enjoy the freedom of knowing that they can re-watch any class lecture at a later date. If a student is having trouble with a particular subject, they can refer back to specific lecture to watch it in full or skip through to help aid them in their studies. They have the ability to watch the material be presented over and over again until they understand it. Student athletes that have to miss school for events often are short changed with having to catch-up on material on their own. Our alternative learning environment allows a student athlete to re-watch a lecture exactly as it was taught through the expertise of the professor. Students with disabilities do not have to rely on incomplete or inadequate class notes on a particular subject anymore, now they can view the lecture on-demand as it was taught.

Professors can expect a better prepared student body with the ability to re-view what they missed in previous lectures. The professor can receive reports of the students who view each lecture, providing another way to track class participation. All these new possibilities are brought to the learning environment with little effort and zero learning curve for the professor.

Seminars and Presentations

Classes on Demand provides services to capture and re-publish presentation material. This new way to distribute video content transforms how these types of presentations can take place. The ability to view the presenter and their material simultaneously, provides a seminar experience that can be enjoyed all over the world. With this type of global reach, information taught in these seminars and presentations is made available without having the time constraints and high cost of on-site attendance.